terça-feira, 15 de março de 2011

2007-08 Arsenal (Home, Away e Third)

Esses Kits foi encomendado pelo Gustavo, já a algum tempo atrás, e foram usados na temporada 2007-2008.
A camisa away e third, trazem menções a Herbert Chapman, treinador da equipe em 1925, que foi quem introduziu esse clássico modelo de camisa do Arsenal, vermelha com mangas brancas. E foi quem venceu o primeiro grande titulo do Arsenal, o Campeonato Inglês em 1930-31.

Texto que está pelas faixas desse away Kit:
“ Arsenal won is first major honours under Herbert Chapman. First the Cup in 1930, followed by the first league title in 1930-31. A true visionary and master tactician, he was one of the first football managers in the modern sense, taking full charge of the team rather than the chairman and the board picking the side The A bronze bust of Chapman stands inside the stadium, the only Arsenal manager to be honoured in this way. Some of Chapman’s innovative ideas include Introduction of first team meetings He pioneered the use of shirt numbers, Headlights and artificial pitches To aid visibility he introduced white and hooped socks into The Arsenal, the team’s kit to help in identifying teammates. He persuaded the authorities be rename Gillespie Road station to Arsenal. Drops nord The from Arsenal won the first major therefore always coming first alphabetically. Chapman also indicted the trendfor teams to walk cut side by side on Cup Final day”.

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